About GGC


           To every Filipino, the year 1946 is a memorable date. It was the year the Philippines gained her independence, thus becoming member of the Family of free nation of the world.

                To every Goldenian, the same year is doubly significant – it was the year of freedom of the Filipinos after centuries of struggle for independence, and the year when the Golden Gate Colleges (GGC) came into being.Conceived and brought to reality by a farsighted and enterprising educator, Major Ricardo B. Bonilla, the Golden Gate Colleges is the first higher institution of learning established in the then Batangas town. With the help of his ever-sacrificing wife, Dr. Marcela R. Bonilla, and Prof. Fausto F. Catoy, the first collegiate class was started in November, 1946 with barely 17 students in attendance.

             The high integrity of the founder of the college, the strong faculty members, the ever-expanding library facilities, and the progressive liberal policies of the President drew students in great numbers not only from the province of Batangas, but also from the neighboring provinces of Laguna, Quezon, Mindoro, and as far south as Romblon, Masbate, and Marinduque.The school year 1947-48 saw a big increase in the student population, such that during the said school year, 300 college and 150 high school students registered. Since then, enrollment continued to rise.Originally housed in the old Canent building on P. Pelaez Street (now the site of a three-story Engineering building) and the house formerly occupied by the Batangas City Mayor, on Rizal Avenue, the administrators later on constructed a two storey building on leased lot of former Governor of Batangas, Hon. Vicente J. Caedo on Rizal Avenue in order to accommodate the ever-growing school population.The administration continued to be plagued by the problem of accommodation so much so that Atty. Vicente J. Caedo, executive vice president, Mrs. Zoila L. Mendoza, registrar, and Miss Belen U. Castillo, cashier, who were then virtually running the school and determining its policies with the blessing of President Bonilla, began looking for bigger sites in 1962.

They found one along P. Prieto Street and two lots along P. Pelaez Street, negotiated its purchase, and two years later, the whole institution moved to its present locations.Prodded by its desire to help solve the medical needs of the community, the Administration established Our Lady of Grace General Hospital, now Golden Gate General Hospital in November, 1970, the first private hospital in town.

The following month, it was inaugurated with no less than the Director of the Bureau of Hospitals as well as prominent local medical practitioners in attendance.Due to the clamor of qualified public and private school teachers to upgrade their educational qualifications, this college in 1961 was inspired to offer Graduate Studies leading to Master of Arts in Education and Master of Arts in English to which were added later Master in Business Administration and Master in Public Administration both with or without thesis.

These offerings were made for the purpose of giving advanced instruction and professional training in various occupations, since it aims to develop the habits of scientific inquiry and original thinking, and inquiring attitude, and an investigating spirit. To cope with the increasing demand for skilled workers here and abroad, the Administration offered the Bachelor degree courses n Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical Engineering in 1978. The college invested several million pesos worth of equipment to satisfy the requirements for the said courses and is in the process of acquiring more to fully comply. The GGC graduates, worthy licensed engineers could be found in refineries, building constructions, and as head of offices.With the desire of the Administration to improve its offerings and to give the students the opportunity to finish short courses, it offered Diploma in Industrial Technology, Major in Mechanical and Chemical Technology, Two Year Course on Pharmacy Aide, Nursing Aide, Avionics Technician, Aircraft Maintenance, Computer Secretarial, and One Year Integrated/Computer Course. In 1996 Master of Arts in Nursing was offered, the Six Months Caregiver Course approved by TESDA was also offered in 2003.A member of the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities (PACU), the Golden Gate Colleges maintains a continuous program of Faculty improvement and Scholarships to deserving students. Since it was the first school to open courses in teacher training, it has become the Alma Mater of the greater bulk of prominent educators and promising teachers in the city and provincial school division.GGC now boasts of an imposing four-storey edifice, an administration building, a secretarial building, and a covered gymnasium at P. Prieto Street, all adjacent to the Golden Gate General Hospital, a three-story building along Danilo Atienza Street, and a training department, complete elementary at Pallocan, Batangas City.Bigger things are in store for this college. The administration has planned continuous programs to realize the dream of its founder, the late Major Ricardo B. Bonilla. i.e. “Golden Gate Colleges: Quality Education Towards Excellence and Progress.”


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