About Golden Gate Colleges


Golden Gate Colleges .. “Your Gate to Success”


Love of God, self-fulfillment, and service to others for a progressive, peaceful, and human society.


A center of educational excellence whose graduates are global, imbued with high moral values, socially responsible, and service oriented.


Golden Gate Colleges, as a private non-sectarian institution, offers learners and scholars excellent multidisciplinary programs through relevant instruction, research, scientific training, and community development within the perspective of Christian ideals and values to improve the Filipino quality of life.

Core Values
The core values of GGC revolves around the following:

  • Spirituality
  • Moral Integrity
  • National Identity
  • Cultural Refinement
  • Unity and Teamwork
  • Unity and Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Responsibility and Accountability
  • Leadershi

Goals and Objectives 
Golden Gate Colleges pursues its vision mission and philosophy by:

  • development of policies to upgrade academic program and standards to create a highly competent academic community with an effective means of communication, knowledge of discipline and true sense of professionalism;
  • offering of courses/subjects to provide sufficient manpower supply to meet the needs of the fast changing environment or to fit into the national and global labor demands, providing graduates assistance for job opportunities;
  • increasing scholarship grants and student financial assistance to ensure a greater number of students can enjoy the benefits of private college education;
  • strengthening and upgrading the college programs to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of its graduates in their field of work, in their leadership in whatever position they hold and in the quality of life they live;
  • promoting inquiry on theories, practices, product and strategy improvements as basis of generating knowledge and sound policies for a more productive life;
  • development and molding of character by inculcating in its students, faculty and staff the sterling virtues of integrity, loyalty, courage, industry, self-reliance, and self-discipline; and
  • involvement in community services by knowing the conditions and needs of its outside community and sharing its human and material resources for community development programs

Golden Gate Colleges Hymn

Oh, Golden Gate here we have come

To knock at your great door and sing,

Of those sweet hours of toil and joy,

And hopes and fears and facts and dreams.

Our Alma Mater dearly loved

Hear, O hear our solemn pledge

That we will honor Thee and hold

Thy torch forever high and bright.

Our Alma Mater dearly loved

Hear, O hear our solemn pledge

That we will honor Thee and hold

Thy torch forever high and bright.

We will always keep with you the faith!