Courses Offered

Golden Gate Colleges offers the following courses:

Graduate School
Thesis Programs

Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)
Master of Arts in Education (MAED)

Thesis and Non-thesis Programs
Master in Public Administration (MPA)
Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Non-thesis Programs
Master in Education Major in English
Master in Education Major in Educational Administration

College of Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

College of Education and Business Administration
Bachelor of Secondary Education
Bachelor of Elementary Education
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Development Management

College of Nursing, Midwifery and Care giving
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Graduate in Midwifery
Caregiver Program

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology,

  • High School
  • Elementary and Pre-elementary
  • Kindergarten
  • Nursery

Schedule of Application – Ongoing throughout the school year

Schedule of Entrance Examination – February to last week of May

Admission Policies – Admission in the college is open to all students who meet the standards of the college. In view of this, in order to be eligible for admission to any course in this college, applicants must be graduates of a DepEd-approved secondary course, they should pass the Golden Gate Colleges admission test, and pass the oral interview done by the College Guidance Counselor.

The college employs the following admission requirements:

– Report Card
– Certificate of Good Moral Character from their former school
– Entrance Examination
– Birth Certificate




A. 10% entry discounts to all new students

B. 15% discount for one year to children of alumni

C. 15% discount each for two (2) family members

D. 20% discount each for three (3) family members

E. 25% discount each for four (4) or more family – members

F. 50% discount to members of the PNP and AFP

G. 50% entry discount to children of Barangay Chairman

H. 50% entry discount to Barangay SK Chairman

I. 25% entry discount to children of other Barangay officials

J. 25% entry discount to other Barangay and SK Officials.

K. 100% discount for two (2) semesters and one summer to all H/S graduates with an average of 83 percent with limited slots only as follows: BSN 2 per school, BSME 2 per school, BSEE 2 per school, BSChe 2 per school, BSE 3 per school, BSEED 3 per school, BSBA 6 per school, BS IT 6 per school. Students should maintain grades not lower than 2.75 after their first semester of enrollment.

L. 50% discount for 2 semester and one summer to GGC High School Alumni


A. 100% scholarship for three (3) semester to all High School Valedictorians and Salutatorians

B. 50% scholarship for three (3) semester to all High School graduate ranked 3rd to 10th place enrolling in Education, Business, Engineering courses.

C. Academic Scholarship as follows:

Percentage                    Average Grade

100%                             1.00-1.30

75%                               1.31-1.50

50%                               1.51-1.75


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